Power of Trees

Join us for a light-hearted workshop, learn 3 harmony songs including "The Power of Trees" and end with interactive storytelling performed by Soul-Circus and the workshop choir (that's you!)  - which is about the power and value of the natural... Continue Reading →

Charleston Dance Class

Learn to Charleston with Amanda from Brighton Lindyhoppers. This jazz dance represented independence and freedom for women to dance and express themselves and their lifestyle which was viewed as outrageous by many at the time. The Charleston was danced by... Continue Reading →

Dead Reckoning

Join artist Bern O'Donoghue in creating new artwork using reclaimed fabric, each component a fragile reminder of the individuals caught up in the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II.

Sign Up For Workshops

We have an amazing line up of workshops for you at Brighton IWD 2020. Spaces are limited and are expected to be in great demand this year, so to avoid disappointment come and sign up when the doors open. BWC... Continue Reading →

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