Brighton International Women's Day Celebration 2023



Filmmaking as a Disabled Filmmaker in an Ableist World. Q&A with Ella Bee Glendining

Brighton-based Writer/Director Ella Glendining will show a series of clips from her recent feature documentary ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ and hold a Q&A on her experience of making the film and of being a disabled filmmaker. ‘Is There Anybody... Continue Reading →

The Women’s Movement Through The Prism of War in Ukraine

Vita Kostuchenko presents a monologue about her personal experiences as a Ukrainian refugee and the women's movement in a historical context through the prism of war in Ukraine. Where: Mezzanine (Door 4) When: 2:45pm - 3:45pm Entry: Suggested donation £5... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Health in Domestic Violence and Abuse Issues

A discussion surrounding different types of domestic abuse, how domestic violence is connected to health, the healthcare sector’s strategy around domestic violence and ways in which issues in this area can be addressed. Where: Museum Lab When: 1:00pm - 1:30pm Entry: Suggested... Continue Reading →

What is Sex? An Intergenerational Conversation on Female Pleasure, Sex and Intimacy

Nikki, The Sex Ed Club’s lead facilitator will provide a punchy exploration of how sex is framed for women in our modern society. The conversation will explore how sex, pleasure and intimacy are woven together and how society and institutions... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Need To Talk About Menstrual Health?

Chi Eziefula is a medical doctor who combines hands-on clinical care with academic research in global health. She talks about gender inequity when it comes to medicine and health, and describes her work on menstrual health, bringing together a cross-cultural,... Continue Reading →

With Thanks to our Sponsors

A huge thank you to our sponsors Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Capita and Buff Motion. It would not be possible to stage this event for the community without their generous support. For the #InternationalWomensDay Celebration to be a fully... Continue Reading →

Sign Up For Workshops and Talks

We have an amazing line up of workshops and talks for you at Brighton IWD 2023. Spaces are limited and are expected to be in great demand. You can register with a BWC volunteer outside the room where the workshop... Continue Reading →


All event spaces in Brighton Dome and Brighton & Hove Museums are wheelchair accessible. The Mezzanine Square is accessible via a guided route so please contact a member of staff if you would like to attend a workshop in this... Continue Reading →

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