Brighton International Women's Day 2023



Free The Nipple Brighton Q&A with The Sassy Show

Join Feminist Protest movement Free the Nipple Brighton in talks with The Sassy Show on matters of intersectional feminism, patriarchy and crushing the oppressive male gaze. Free the Nipple Brighton protests against the compulsory sexualisation of women and femme bodies.... Continue Reading →

RISE Together

This will be a presentation delivered by Fundraising and Engagement manager Ava Harding, showcasing who we are, what services we offer, providing some brief information about domestic abuse and ways to get involved. We will also be launching our week... Continue Reading →

Understanding, Preventing and Reacting to Public Sexual Harassment

An award winning campaigner, Jess is a keynote speaker and facilitator for Sexual Harassment, aiming to ensure all people are able to understand, prevent and react to Public Sexual Harassment. She works with many different sectors from mental health to... Continue Reading →

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