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Buried Treasure from Soul Circus 

Do you treasure yourself? Or do you have a loud inner critic? Maybe it's a bit of both. Come and learn an uplifting song and learn to quieten the critical mind. All singing levels are gold to us. Where? Outside Door 4 When? 2pm

Women In Policing with Sussex Police

  Join this year's sponsors, Sussex Police to hear what it's like to be a woman on the beat and how in Sussex, women have climbed to the very top of the force. Introduced by Lisa Dando of Brighton Women’s... Continue Reading →

What Does The Beauty Industry Do For Women with Sali Hughes

Empowerment or Oppression: What does the beauty industry do for women? Join Sali Hughes (The Guardian, Pretty Iconic), as she discusses the impact of the changing beauty industry with three inspirational panellists. Tiss Saccoh started her beauty blog,, in... Continue Reading →

ILLUMINATE: Creating A Community Tapestry

The Network of International Women invite women to join them to celebrate International Women's Day by sewing and adding their unique piece to a growing community Tapestry. Many women from many cultures, have over a number of weeks, enjoyed sewing their... Continue Reading →

Women And Autism

We are all familiar with the stereotype of the autistic male – nerdy, socially awkward, a trainspotter. But how familiar are we with female presentations of autism? And how do women know if they are on the autism spectrum? Rebecca... Continue Reading →

Art and Activism

Fanny Beckman got her first camera when she was four years old, and ever since then photography has been her main interest in life. After college she studied fine art and photography at Gamleby School of Photography in Sweden, where... Continue Reading →

Creative, Exploratory Dance Workshop

This creative and exploratory workshop invites you to come exactly as you are. Using various tools including breath, meditation and creative movement we will go on a mini journey into ourselves to connect with, explore and celebrate the feminine aspects... Continue Reading →

Juno Dawson: The Gender Games

'It's a boy!' or 'It's a girl!' are the first words almost all of us hear when we enter the world. Before our names, before we have likes and dislikes - before we, or anyone else, has any idea who... Continue Reading →

The Lost Women Of Art

Join Rev Susie Courtault as she explores the way in which women are portrayed in art, often through the male gaze, alongside her desire to understand women’s contributions as artists over the years and their apparent absence from the cannon of... Continue Reading →

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