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The Great Big BWC Feminist RAFFLE!

This year at IWD we are giving you a chance to win one of FIVE exclusive BWC goodie bags, containing such gems as... 2 Warpaint tickets 2 Bridget Christie tickets Voucher for a 3 course meal at Terre a Terre... Continue Reading →


Sign Up For Workshops

We have an amazing line up of workshops for you at Brighton IWD 2017 (see full list below). Spaces are limited and are expected to be in great demand this year, so to avoid disappointment come and sign up when the... Continue Reading →

Cultural Sharing Area

The cultural sharing area will feature an eclectic mix of artists and public speakers who will celebrate and provide historical context to International Women's Day. IWD is not only about acknowledging the struggles of being a woman, it is also about... Continue Reading →

Feminism in Theory with Simi Dosekun

SADLY CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS. Feminist theory - or academic feminism - does not have a great reputation. Some deem it impractical and irrelevant to the feminist struggle in the 'real world', while for others it is exclusionary and elitist. Simi,... Continue Reading →

Brighton Women’s Centre Drop In Space

BWC's Peer Group Drop-in service is open three days a week to all women in need of emotional support, advice and information, and operates from our premises at 72 High Street, Kemptown. For the first time ever they are providing... Continue Reading →

Zine Making

Anyone can make a zine. You don’t need a computer, fancy programming, or super cool contacts. You just need something to say, and some materials with which to express that! The roots of DIY publishing lie in a cut and... Continue Reading →

Leap In with Alexandra Heminsley

Alexandra Heminsley is author of the bestselling memoir RUNNING LIKE A GIRL, which has now been published in thirteen countries. Alex will be joining us on IWD2017 to discuss her latest book, LEAP IN. Swimming is one of the fastest... Continue Reading →

Travelling Alone with Laura Barton

Join Laura Barton as she talks about her experiences of travelling alone as a woman, discussing its pleasures, challenges, and the new perspectives it can bring. Laura is a writer and broadcaster. A feature writer and music columnist for the Guardian for... Continue Reading →

Blog to Express, not to Impress

Join Brighton Girl editors Pippa and Sofaya for a workshop encouraging you to break all of the rules you’ve heard about blogging and do it your own way. With over seven years of writing experience under their belts, let the... Continue Reading →

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