Feminism in Theory with Simi Dosekun

SADLY CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS. Feminist theory - or academic feminism - does not have a great reputation. Some deem it impractical and irrelevant to the feminist struggle in the 'real world', while for others it is exclusionary and elitist. Simi,... Continue Reading →


Staging The Female Experience with Charlotte Vincent

Artistic Director/Choreographer Charlotte Vincent and her performance company, Vincent Dance Theatre, have been moving people and making them think since 1994. ‘One of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today’ (The Observer), Vincent creates brave, humorous and ‘astonishingly... Continue Reading →

Leap In with Alexandra Heminsley

Alexandra Heminsley is author of the bestselling memoir RUNNING LIKE A GIRL, which has now been published in thirteen countries. Alex will be joining us on IWD2017 to discuss her latest book, LEAP IN. Swimming is one of the fastest... Continue Reading →

Travelling Alone with Laura Barton

Join Laura Barton as she talks about her experiences of travelling alone as a woman, discussing its pleasures, challenges, and the new perspectives it can bring. Laura is a writer and broadcaster. A feature writer and music columnist for the Guardian for... Continue Reading →

In Conversation: Women and Photography

Join photographers Marilyn Stafford and Nina Emett as they each present a selection of photographs from their work based on the theme of women, hosted by Miniclick facilitator, Jim Stephenson. They will also launch The Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award for women... Continue Reading →

Fat Bodies with Mathilda Gregory

Mathilda Gregory is a writer and a performer who makes work about bodies and popular culture. She writes for The Guardian and Buzzfeed and has made two live shows Werewolf Erotica She Wrote and How to be Fat. She is... Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s Guide to Intersectionality with Arianne Shahvisi

How do we make sure feminism works for all women? Not only is gender a source of struggle for women, so too are race and class. Arianne Shahvisi will introduce the idea of intersectionality, which simply means that feminists should consider... Continue Reading →

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