Women’s needs are at the centre of what we do

We’re Brighton Women’s Centre and we’ve been supporting self-identifying women in Sussex for over 45 years. We help women from all backgrounds, facing all kinds of issues, to live happier lives.

Women dealing with bereavement or trauma, women who have been through homelessness or the criminal justice system, survivors of abuse or discrimination – we’ve welcomed them all.

We recognise that each woman is an individual, with her own history, her own challenges, her own strengths and hopes.

We create safe spaces where a woman can be herself, where we can build a strong, supportive relationship with her – giving her the security she needs to take the next steps towards a better life.

BWC gives women practical support such as childcare, moral support such as advice and encouragement, and specialist support from case workers and our team of highly skilled volunteers.

This International Women’s Day help vulnerable women across Sussex to live happier, safer lives. Donate today


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