So, what does Brighton Women’s Centre do anyway?

Olive - consent to use.jpgBWC creates safe spaces where a woman can be herself, where we can build a strong, supportive relationship with her – giving her the security she needs to take the next steps towards a better life.

We recognise that each woman is an individual, with her own history, her own challenges, her own hopes.

We give her whatever kind of support she needs.

Practical support such as childcare, moral support such as advice and encouragement, and specialist support from case workers and our team of highly skilled volunteers.

We understand that the problems in women’s lives can sometimes come from a deeper root cause – and so, using our connected services, we work to improve all parts of her life.

Through our work with each individual, we fight social injustice and advocate for gender equality.

Ultimately, we give women – and wider society – the strength to succeed.

To learn more about the work that Brighton Women’s Centre does please visit our website.

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