An award winning campaigner, Jess is a keynote speaker and facilitator for Sexual Harassment, aiming to ensure all people are able to understand, prevent and react to Public Sexual Harassment. She works with many different sectors from mental health to participation of young people in services. As a result of her expertise she is a Trainer Consultant at Young Minds as well as the key trainer for Our Streets Now, a campaign aiming to end Public Sexual Harassment through both cultural and legislative change.

Jess uses her own experiences as a LGBTQ+ woman and the medium of storytelling to be able to shape policy, lead workshops and has spoken on the likes of BBC News, Sky News, Houses of Parliament and TEDx.

Over the years she has worked with government, schools and given talks all across the globe to ensure participation is at the heart of change and no one gets left behind.

In this talk Jess will explore Public Sexual Harassment (Street Harassment), and the effect it has on girls, women and non-binary folks across the UK. Furthermore she will introduce to you the Our Streets Now campaign and how in just over two years it gathered over half a million supporters.


Where: MuseumLab

When: 11:30pm – 12:30pm


Content Warning: Sexual Harassment and Violence


Bookings: All workshops have limited spaces and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please ensure you sign up on the day at the BWC info stall in the Dome entrance corridor.

*Our women only spaces at IWD are open to ALL self-identified women.