Women’s bodies are used to sell everything from perfume to cars, yet a photo of a breastfeeding mumma on Facebook can land you a 30 day ban.
Padded bras are aggressively marketed at children, yet young women are sent home from school if their outfits are deemed too distracting.

Sexualised images flood our TV screens, devices and media, yet female sexuality is still taboo. These double standards are sexist, baseless and have potentially grave consequences – so we’re calling it out.

It’s time to destabilise the dictatorship of the male gaze once and for all!
Join Mickey and Bee for a whistle stop tour of the Free the Nipple movement, answering questions such as what’s it all about? Why do we need it? And where did it all begin? This fun, interactive session is suitable for all ages and genders.
Where: Brighton Dome, Mezzanine Square
When: 12-1pm

Bookings: All talks and workshops have limited spaces and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please ensure you sign up on the day at the BWC info stall in the Dome entrance corridor.