According to the website MissingMigrants since 2014 almost 19,500 refugees have lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea.

Jane Lancashire was inspired to create the project “Message in a Bottle” after seeing the beautiful installation called “The Fallen” at Dublin Cathedral which features 36,000 leaf shaped messages to remember the lives of Irish men and women lost during WW1. Working with refugees herself, Jane was moved to create something which shone a spotlight on this ongoing loss of refugee lives as they attempt to reach safety.

This project is collecting poems and messages of condolence in as many languages as possible.

In this all-day drop-in, Jane invites IWD participants to write a message onto cut-up plastic bottles. The bottles are then cut into smaller triangles which are then heated to curl, leaving us with pieces which are all unique, like the people they represent.
Where: Dome Mezzanine (crafts area)

10am – 5pm