The Network of International Women invite women to join them to celebrate International Women’s Day by sewing and adding their unique piece to a growing community Tapestry.

Many women from many cultures, have over a number of weeks, enjoyed sewing their individual pieces which together begins to make a Tapestry which represents the diversity of women who live in the City. As we have sewn, we have shared personal stories and resolved some of our challenges through supporting one another. We have shared skills from very talented sewers and marveled at the peaceful creativity of all women as they work together.

“Creating the Tapestry goes on and on. We will continue to reach out to all in the City, continuing the sewing group as one of its activities and aiming to achieve a Tapestry which is becoming of the diversity of us all.”

The Network of International Women would like to thank Brighton & Hove City Council, the staff of Jubilee Library, the Community Safety Team, Brighton Women’s Centre and Dome and C&H Fabrics for all their support.

WHERE? Brighton Dome Foyer

WHEN? All day