Fanny Beckman got her first camera when she was four years old, and ever since then photography has been her main interest in life. After college she studied fine art and photography at Gamleby School of Photography in Sweden, where she developed her unique style of portrait photography.

Her projects always strive to question gender roles and she combines photography with feminist activism.

At IWD Fanny will join us to share her views on combining art and political activism, giving her views on how best to raise social issues through art. She will be showcasing her photo series​ I Just Fell, ​which highlights domestic violence.

“The aim with these photos is to spread knowledge about this common issue, to remove the shame many victims feel and to reveal prejudices around domestic violence.”

Fanny’s project has been exhibited several times in Sweden, last time in November 2017 in the Swedish Parliament and she gives talks on domestic violence, as well as the male gaze and how women are portrayed in media.

Content warning: This talk includes discussion of domestic abuse and violent and features graphic imagery, which won’t be suitable for everyone.

WHERE? The Seminar Room

WHEN? 12.00


Photo credit: Ellie Chapman