Join Rev Susie Courtault as she explores the way in which women are portrayed in art, often through the male gaze, alongside her desire to understand women’s contributions as artists over the years and their apparent absence from the cannon of great artists.

Women who historically entered into the art world, often experienced challenges that women today can identify with. The #MeToo campaign shows us how women are still required to overcome significant challenges to succeed in male dominated industries, and in her talk Susie will highlight women over the centuries who have been brave and courageous enough to step outside their traditional roles to bring about change.

WHERE? The Seminar Room

WHEN? 1.30pm


Rev Susie Courtault is an Interfaith Minister who was ordained in 2012 by One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. She has always been involved in womens’ issues – she was a Social Worker for 40 years and as a Mental Health specialist she ran many groups for women

She has a degree in Art History from Kingston University and an M.A. in Art History from Sussex University.