Join The Early Childhood Project as they facilitate conversations around how gender expectations impact on our children.

Topics will include:

  • How is gender portrayed in children’s books, television and films and how does it influence our children?
  • How can we encourage boys to play with dolls and girls with building blocks?
  • How do we respond to gender bias in different styles of play like dressing up or aggressive play?
  • What’s going on with children’s clothing and gender?
  • How do we support gender creativity, gender questioning young children?
  • How can we bring up our children with a conscious anti-bias attitude?
  • It’s us versus the rest the world, how do we stay positive in our attitudes and language around gender?

WHERE? Outside Door 4

WHEN? 10.30am


This workshop is intended for parents, carers, support workers and anyone connected with children under the age of 8. Participants may come and go as their children’s needs permit.

The Early Childhood Project is an independent education charity championing children’s rights and equal opportunities; we have been active in Brighton and Hove since 1988.

We work with young children, their families and those who work with them, encouraging, supporting and developing anti-bias play, care and education.

Our work centres on our toy library and we run equalities play sessions, anti-bias training, bereavement support to families, and have for many years held a community activist role, representing those children whose voices are rarely heard in the city.