We have an amazing line up of workshops for you at Brighton IWD 2017 (see full list below). Spaces are limited and are expected to be in great demand this year, so to avoid disappointment come and sign up when the doors open.

BWC will be taking bookings for workshops and complementary therapies in the West Corridor (the entrance to Brighton Dome on Church Street) from 10am, until spaces run out. Workshops are free, so you just need to come and give your name, email address and a contact number and we will give you a ticket as proof of entry.

Get there early and beat the queue!

10.30am Sing Your Heart Out with Aneesa Chaudhry

10.30am Herritage Voices, Women Write Poetry Workshop with Evlynn Sharp

11.45am Women’s Self Defence with Anna Duxbury

11.45am ‘What Does It Mean To Be A Feminist In The 21st Century?’ Open Space Discussion with Sophie Gibson

1.00pm Zine Making with Sister Zine

3.00pm Blog to Express, Not to Impress with Brighton Girl Mag

4.00pm Music, Art, Dance and Drama with Mis-Represented