The cultural sharing area will feature an eclectic mix of artists and public speakers who will celebrate and provide historical context to International Women’s Day.

IWD is not only about acknowledging the struggles of being a woman, it is also about celebrating the ascension of particular women within our society. Women who through humble actions have revolutionised perceptions, broken gender prejudices and inspired women and men of today.

WHERE? The Mezzanine Area, Brighton Dome

WHEN? 10 – 5


Highlights of the Cultural Sharing Area Include:

Join Nada Saleh for a lunch time conversation about women’s issues in the Arab World. Nada is a 24 year old Libyan MA student at University of Sussex and would like to discuss her background and where she comes from, immigrants and refugees in the UK, the pressure to break the stereotypes and how IWD is celebrated in the Arab countries.

Soul Circus sing original acapella music supporting positive thinking and good everyday mental health.  A musical challenge to make self-esteem issues fun!!!
Soul Circus workshop – “The Treasure Workshop” – Do you treasure your self or call your self names, or a bit of both? Come and learn the treasure song with us and maybe change your critical mind a little bit! All singing levels are gold to us.
Pauline Sewards co-hosts poetry night Satellite of Love in Bristol. She has read her accessible, narrative poetry at many venues in Brighton, London and Bristol including Shine so Hard, Torriano Meeting House and Page and Performance. Her work is published in Small press magazines including Domestic Cherry and Southbank Poetry and can also be found online. ‘This is the Band’, a short collection of her poems will be published later this year by Hearing Eye.

Fran Isherwood is a poet with a comedic bent who performs regularly on the London poetry circuit and (sometimes back of) beyond. She hosts regular spoken word events in East London.  Originally from Manchester, she has had poems published in several anthologies, print and online periodicals and in the Spring 2011 edition of ‘Poems in The Waiting Room’ which was distributed in surgeries and hospitals nationwide.  Her effervescent set will take you on a wry, awry, word-playful gallop through the vagaries of life encountering exploding cakes, mail-stealing snails, lollipop ladies,70’s comedy legends, caravans and singing shopkeepers en route. Warning: May contain puns.

Susan Evans is a celebrated, Brighton-based Performance Poet. Shortlisted Best Spoken Word Performer in the Saboteur Awards, 2016: ‘Celebrating the Best of the Indie Literature Scene’, nominated Best Act (Cunning Linguists) at L-Fest, 2016 and shortlisted top 100 from 8K entries worldwide for the Erbacce Prize for Poetry. Her poem ‘Brighton’ recently made ‘The Best of British’ Anthology, 2017 (Paper Swans Press). Susan mostly writes about her relationships with places, people and politics. For IWD she plans to share performance poems on: Brighton (beyond the tourist trail) austerity, women’s activism, refugees and resourcefulness,  relationships and empowerment. “Seriously thought-provoking or hilarious (sometimes both) protest poems” – Workers’ Liberty Women.

Visit Susan’s Facebook page here.