Maja Jordan and her team will be offering a range of low cost complementary therapies including Indian Head Massage and Reiki.

About Maja Jordan

Maja is passionate about alternative therapies and recently became Reiki Master of Usui System of natural healing. Reiki is hands on energy healing technique, helping you to relax and get back into balance. She also practices Aromatherapy. Maja says that she feels, ‘blessed to offer Reiki for the third year as a part of international women`s day.’

About Jacquie Dowding

Jacquie has been a teacher , Hypnotherapist and a seasoned sailor for over 30 years . . She has been part of IWD in Brighton for the last 3 years. She is offering Indian Head Massage to soothe, relax or stimulate your whole being through your scalp and hair. Given as a gift to women, by women.

WHERE? The Seminar Room

WHEN? 12.00 – 5.00pm

CAPACITY? Treatments are by appointment only. Please book your place at the entrance.