Time to get active and equip yourself with some valuable self defence skills at the same time. Anna’s class is designed to be fun and can be taken at a pace suitable to you. They are for beginners and those with experience in martial arts/self defence. Wear clothes you are comfortable moving in and bring snacks, water and a warm layer.

Anna is a Cross Krav Maga Level 2 instructor, a Kickboxing Black Belt and has over 13 years experience teaching women’s self defence.

She teaches a range of physical and non-physical techniques including personal safety awareness, assertiveness skills, shouting, body language and physical self defence skills.

Anna encourages participants to find and explore their own strengths and resources.

WHERE? Outside Door 4 (Off the Mezzanine Area)

WHEN? 11.45am – 12.45pm

CAPACITY? 20 people. Please book your space at the entrance.


*Our women only spaces at IWD are open to ALL self-identified women.