The powerful legacy of women writers will be used to inspire participants’ own creative writing and reflection.

In the spirit of heritage and empowerment, the brave words of women writers from the past will be used during this creative writing workshop to inspire participants’ reflections, poems, stories.

Every woman can find a strong voice within to express our own personal truth, what we believe in, who we are. Even if a woman cannot write, someone else can be her scribe.

In this accessible workshop, we will use practical exercises and write as witnesses of our world today – so linking our lives and our words to women writers past, present and future.

Poet Evlynn Sharp will facilitate the workshop and encourage everyone to write from the heart of ourselves; to write through our daring, our courage, our vulnerability; to share our words in community, in hope, and in tribute to creative freedom.

Evlynn is a performance poet and creative arts facilitator who passionately believes everyone can write. She runs creative writing and arts projects that support people of all ages and diversities in finding their unique voice of self-expression and dignity. Her poems have been published in journals and pamphlets, recorded on CD; her performances include Tate Modern, Scottish Parliament, BBC Radio. She is currently writer in residence at Care for the Carers, Eastbourne.

WHERE? The Seminar Room

WHEN? 10.30am

*Our women only spaces at IWD are open to ALL self-identified women.